Film negatives & positives, color separated for offset, web & silk screen printing.

Pressproofs, digital or from film, with exact Pantone® color matches, metallics, hotstamp foils, pearlescents and fluorescents. Pressproofs can be diecut, scored, folded and assembled.

Packaging effects accurately reproduced including; gloss on matte, glass etching and embossing.

cigarette package mockup focus group shampoo bottle mockup

4 color print: light & dark blue,
beige and gold with halftones diecut
scored folded & assembled into
a cigarette package for a focus group.

2 color print with solids and tinted metallic green & gold used to create a shampoo bottle.
computer touch pad prototype gold metallic pressproof

4 color proof: Gloss black, matte
black, green & gold to create a
computer touch pad prototype

3 color proof: screened metallic
copper gold and black presented for
concept and pressproofing.
perfume box pressproof embossed metallic foil sales kit

2 color print: red & white printed on
gold foil board. For a magazine ad
and pressproof approval

5 gift boxes with different custom foil colors with embossing. For color approval, photos and advance sales kits.

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